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Traditional Maharashtrian Kolhapuri Kamarpatta Saaj Veni

Traditional Maharashtrian Kolhapuri Kamarpatta Saaj Veni

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Exclusive Kamarband Designs by Hemant Jewellers

Kamarband is known by various names like kamar patta, belly chain, hip chain and waist chain.  This jewellery is worn around the waist with saree or lehenga choli. 

Kamarband is not the new ornament, but have been in existence since ages. It is available in various metals like gold or silver decorated with pearls, gems and semi-precious stones.  It is believed that kamarbandh is the symbol of wealth, prosperity and wellness of women’s family. This ornament has great importance in a wedding and it is the important ornament in bridal jewellery collection. Thus, you can say that bride’s solah shringar is incomplete without Kamarband.

In Indian regional language this ornament is known by different name like in Tamil Kamarband is known as Oddiyanam or Ottiyanam, Vaddanam in Telegu, Tagdi in Bengal and Kamar patta in Marathi.  The designs & pattern of this ornament is different as per the geographical boundary and regions.

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